Katz-Entertainment, Katz Kabaret, Et. Al. prides itself on maintaining the highest level in customer service and business integrity.  The Policies & Procedures help maintain respect & integrity in the business and more importantly, between the student(s)…the client(s)…the partnership(s), in accordance with our fundamental philosophy:


Dance… is breath….is life! © 2014


Katz Kabaret was created by the founder of Katz-Entertainment, Kat Bylska, as a sanctuary for artistic expression through dance and movement:


Through the art of dance, one can transcend the confines of the realities of our existence; even if the shackles we wear are of our own creation. © 2014



All appointment(s) and class(es) MUST BE scheduled directly with Katz Kabaret via email.  The email must include a Reference Number specifying confirmed payment before you can schedule a class.  Although there is no maximum number of students per class, there is a two-student (2) minimum in order for class to be held.  In case of class cancellation, you will be notified by Katz Kabaret and you will be able to reschedule your class.  If you must cancel, you must notify Katz Kabaret with no less than 8 hours prior to start time of class.  Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of class.




Katz Kabaret will seldom turn away eager students and therefore, always welcomes drop-ins.  You may drop in to any class(es) at any time. However, please try not to be late as this is disruptive to students and instructor.

If you are unable to schedule online, you are welcome to come on a drop-in basis. New student drop-ins must arrive at least 15 minutes before class start time in order to register and complete paperwork.




Class series package(es) begin on the date of your first class and expire 30-days after.  You may start the package on any day you. Visit the class schedule page to see what day and times best fit your schedule. The schedule is the same each week. Katz Kabaret reserves the right to change or alter the schedule at any time.  However you will be notified of changes of scheduled classes, if any.




All Classes & Monthly Packages have an expiration date and all sessions must be completed by the end date set forth in your purchase.


Katz Kabaret regularly offers class and package specials.  Each promotion has its own rules and restrictions. Please ensure that you read all information carefully.




Katz Kabaret has an 8-Hour cancellation policy. This policy applies to all students regardless of status. If you miss a class OR cancel within the 8 hours prior to class start time, you will void your class and may owe an additional fee of $10. Your missed class fee is due within 48 hours of your missed class.


All class purchases and monthly packages must be used within 30 calendar days from date of purchase unless otherwise stated. Your package or single class expiration date will always be stated on your emailed receipts and during your online purchase. You are responsible for taking note of your expiration date and if you are unsure after making your purchase then call the studio right away to confirm or send us an email.




If you are unable to complete your class or package in the allotted time due to an illness, injury or any other circumstance you must notify Katz Kabaret by email within 3 days of the occurrence.  In the email, please indicate the date and nature of the occurrence and the duration of the leave of absence and anticipated date of return. The account will be noted and put on freeze status until such time as you are able to return.  Upon return, the account will be unfrozen and will resume from the same point that it was frozen. The freeze takes effect from the time of notification, NOT time of the occurrence so please ensure that your notify Katz Kabaret immediately upon occurrence. Failure to comply and notify Katz Kabaret as described will result in loss of remaining class(es).




Please arrive to class 10-15 min early to class ensure you have plenty of time for parking, filling out paperwork, and change clothes. Classes will start on time (subject to events outside of the control of Katz Kabaret).  If you are late, please be courteous and respectful and try not to disturb the class(es) already in progress.  Because there is no maximum number of students allowed for each class, drop ins are always welcome, provided that payment is made prior to walking onto the dance floor.  Although it is heavily frowned upon, Katz Kabaret understands that certain circumstances beyond our control may occur that may cause occasional tardiness. However, if the tardiness becomes habitual, Katz Kabaret reserves the right to charge an additional LATE FEE for each occurrence.  If there are more than 5 instances of tardiness within a 30-day period, you may forfeit your remaining class(es).  If you have a situation in which you know in advance, please email Katz Kabaret and no penalties will be assigned.  For the safety of all, new students arriving more than 10 minutes late may not be able to participate, if documentation has not been received by Katz Kabaret. The session will be voided and there are no refunds. Please do not make your tardiness and inconvenience on our staff or other students.




There are no refunds after 3 business days. If you miss the 3-day refund window, you have the option to either receive a credit to be redeemed with Katz Kabaret or transfer any remaining session(s) to another person.  However, only one (1) transfer will be permitted.  This means that once you release your purchase to another, you forfeit your right to any of that purchase.  The purpose is assumes your purchase must abide by the original terms and expiration(s). You may not share packages with another person.


Prices, Schedules, Policies are subject to change at any time.






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