How do I even begin to describe Katz-Entertainment?  It is an amalgamation of all that I believe that each of us are, at our core.  I realize how cliché it has come to be in our present society; but nevertheless:  The fundamental philosophy behind all that comprises my company and the brand, is that of creating the possibility for society to embrace a transformative language that seeks to eradicate all that currently divides us as a civilization.  Namely, it is our communication and the way in which we do so, that is at the root of alienation of any being   Most, if not all, disagreements (however seemingly insignificant they appear at the time) are bred from misunderstanding(s).  This misunderstanding stems from the limitations of our current method of communication - words & language.  Since, words are finite, in that they have a preset meaning attached, even before we are born into this world. What becomes problematic, is that each word can have such a vastly different meaning to each individual, that there is no single method of unification via the status quo. Katz-Entertainment, through its subsidiaries, seeks to inspire a new world order wherein every being is not only heard and understood, but loved and accepted unconditionally and without any judgement or condition.  Katz-Entertainment is merely the blanket that encompasses inspiration and education through:


      Katz Kabaret - Performance Art Expression, namely dance in all its forms


     Katz22 - Expression through written word - in whatever form an artist desires, but transform the way in which it is being used from divisive to unifying


   Jerzykat - Musical Expression through song, instrument(s), rhythm, harmony, melody, beats, etc.


      Boobiekat - Animal Rights through the use of images, memes, humor to convey the message that every life is just as significant as another


    JKat/Katface - Avant Guard Expression to eradicate notions of right/wrong & good/evil but without seeking to impose any sense of morality on topics our society currently holds as taboo, such as sexual expression