KATZ22 -

Transformative Kommunication

How does one even begin to embark on a journey to transform what has been so ingrained into our society from the dawn of human civilization - at least as we have come to know it?

First and foremost, you have to suspend your disbelief, if only for a moment, to imagine a world where you are not concerned with how you are perceived by others.  This is where most of us give up - we cannot even pretend that such an existencxe is possible.  All we know if what we know.  But what if there was something beyond what we think we know?

This is the basis for Katz22.  It began as a thought when I was studying Philosophy in college.  I am not the first to ever ponder our existence as species, nor will I be the last.  However, as I have travelled through this life, I have come to notice many things.  What has become of upmost importance is what we have deemed to be considered "right" or "wrong"..."good" or "bad"...and all the various contradictions that abound on a daily basis.

Katz22 seeks to allow a space for all to feel safe - safe from judgement and feelings of inadequacy.  It is through our communication with one another where miracles are possible.  Katz22 is the vessel through which we will transform the way in which we use language with the goal to erradicate the words and concepts that divide and disempower us...