A TAIL OF TOO KATZ ~       the more you know...





Artist, Dancer, Choreographer, Performewr, Entertainer, Actress, Teacher, Student, Philosopher, Comedian, Writer, Creator, Muse




Classes - To empower men and women to get in the best shape of their lives, spiritually, physically and emotionally through dance


"I have a class for every one of your problems! "©


Performance - Whether through the art of dance & movement or through active stillness, to take an audience on a journey where the shackles time and space are broken and the experience is the only reality that matters.


Project Collaboration - Working in harmony with a team to ensure the vision of the project is not only materialized but surpassed.




With more than 20 years of experience and training from some of the best instructors and choreographers in the business, Kat teaches, choreographs & performs all styles of Dance including (but not limited to) Ballet, Jazz, Burlesque, Basic through Advanced Pole, Technique, Strength & Flexibility, she has said, "I have an class for every one of your problems!"




Performance Artist & Entertainer


Performing at various events & venues throughout greater Southern California such as:


  • LA Sirenes

  • Swoon Entertainment

  • Perish's Studio 69

  • Hollywood Klowns

  • Grindcore

  • The V Society

  • Noize Faktory

  • Batcave

  • Ritual

  • and many more...


Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher


  • University of La Verne


          Pains of Youth

  • Culver City Theatre

          Much Ado About Nothing   

  • Santa Monica Community Theatre

       Social Security

      A Piece of My Heart

  • Allure Dance & Fitness Studio

           Instructor Dance

           Instructor Vertical Pole    

  • Arthur Murray Dance Studios       

           Instructor Ballroom Styles

           Instructor Latin Styles


Actress, Creator, Producer


  • Theatre

  • Film

  • Television

  • Video  

  • Live Stage Productions

  • and many more!


Philanthropist, Philosopher, Activist


Lifelong member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA)



Wait…are you reading typos on a professional website?  Nope.  There is always at least one meaning behind all that encompasses Katz-Entertainment.  So, let's begin with the fundamentals.


In looking to create the possibility of a company  of which the core purpose is to inspire and transform the way in which we are in the world, I knew the answers would not be found by looking toward the past.  If the past has taught us anything, it is what NOT to do. 


I realized that if I wanted to do something truly meaningful, it had to be significant to me.  All that I had seen, been and done simply did not move me anymore.  The more I sought to find things or people that would make me feel alive, the more I found I was falling farther into an abyss from which it was becoming more difficult to see any hope at joy or happiness. 


This brings us to what might be considered the other rather odd way to describe the next component.  When I originally began documenting the various thoughts, stories and ideas whirling about, I thought I would use Two as it was an apropos allegory of a favorite piece of literature, "Catch 22."  and thus became a part of my regular nomenclature when introducing myself as Katz22. 


As more conflicting and contradictory thoughts would abound, suddenly Two was no longer sufficient to depict all of the various versions of who I was.   And so, A Tail of Too Katz is what I felt would be an ideal way to ensure I captured the plethora of opposing thoughts and actions that make up who I have come to be....more importantly, who we all are, at all times.